Refund Policy

WebCam in a Box Refund Policy

It is the policy of Webcam in a Box Technologies to not issue refunds for usage purchased from our site.  All purchases are final and non-refundable.  We provide you with extensive information regarding the features of our products and allow you to thoroughly review our demonstrations prior to your final purchase.  You are solely responsible for determining a product will meet your needs and your site adheres to the "system requirements" before making your purchase.

Only after all the following conditions are satisfied will we refund your purchase price:

WebCam in a Box wants its customers to be happy with our service. Each Webcam In a Box member account has a first time spending limit of $300 in order to minimize and prevent credit card fraud for their first time on Webcam In A Box.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We do not share any information that you give us. We may ask for specific information in the future for the purpose of updating our internal records.

If there are errors with our site and billing, please notify us immediately. We make sure that if there were ever any errors that we resolve any and all situations. We keep a tremendous log file and know of all of the interactions within our site. If there is an error on our behalf, we will be happy to refund any error that is because of an error that we have made.

How do I cancel my account?

Your membership on Webcam In a Box is not a monthly membership. That means you can cancel anytime by simply sending an E-mail including your user name and password to You will receive a confirmation E-mail when your account has been closed.

Once your account is closed and you decide to continue using the Webcam In a Box system and all its free features, please send an E-mail to within 7 days of cancellation. Your account will be re-activated. This allows you to keep your old nickname. After 7 days please feel free to to sign up for another account name.

Please note: We at Webcam In a Box are setting new high quality standards in live entertainment. However, there is no satisfaction guarantee in Video Chat. We offer a large variety of Live Shows which cover a broad area of different tastes. Based on the terms and conditions applied to your account when you become a member of Webcam In a Box, you agree to pay any and all charges to the account using the registered credit card. Failure to pay open amounts in a timely manner will result in an unfavorable report to Credit Reporting agencies. Please make yourself familiar with our Terms and Conditions.


If your payment is returned for insufficient funds, you will be required to pay all bank fees and any collection and/or legal fees required to collect the full amount. Payments returned for 'stop-payment' or credit card 'charge-back' will be considered fraud, and you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law. The governing laws of the State of Missouri, USA will apply, in addition to United States Federal Law, United States Copyright Laws and International Copyright Laws.

How can I reach Customer Support?

E-Mail for any of your questions; or fill out the Contact Help Form if you need specific technical assistance.